An extra ordinary project.

Aim: To craft a memorable and effective visual identity and brand system for ‘XO’ ‘Xtraordinary’ The new sister restaurant to Siamese Doll. Crafting multiple outputs and applications, creating a sense of ‘character’ and ‘voice’ through a cohesive aesthetic for the XO brand to stand alone on its own and succeed in the world.

The aesthetic of the brand is informed by the restaurant’s global influences and food style. A modernist look and feel with an Asian influence, a refined modern aesthetic is employed whilst utilizing a slight hand rendered finish to maintain the ‘human touch’ and add an air of relaxation and drive the notion of ‘casual’ and ‘warm’.

Brand Attributes.

COASTAL (Beach/Location) 
ASIAN/FUSION (Typography and illustration) 

JAP –  Celebrated through illustration style & layout. Traditional Japanese potters/printers makers mark will be appropriated into an icon for XO.. The stamp mark type & icons take on a much more Asian influence (think kanji brush strokes and wider ascenders/tails).   

THAI – Celebrated through colour scheme & interior. Backed up by a hand-rendered line drawing illustration style & logotype and font forms that reference Thai street food signage. 

EUROPEAN – Celebrated through typography in communications (i.e. Posters etc), utilising a sans font similar to the gill sans family to both denote the European ideal but also create a cohesive link between the visual brand & the food brand: (Bold fusion flavours distilled visually through bold type with accented corners and irregular forms).


Research/Strategy –  (Aesthetic research, positioning, copywriting/tagline development).
Logos, Icon, Combo Mark, Brand assets & Signage, Tagline, Colour Scheme, Over arching,  Brand & Usage Guide.   

This project was a super urgent one with a timeframe of just 8 Days to complete, we were stoked with the final product and so was our client! 


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