How to promote an event 101.

Flight Digital devised the strategy-led digital campaign promoting Pleasuredome The Musical, successfully achieving what you call the FOMO Factor (Fear of missing out)! With our full-service in house team of specialist we executed not only the Influencer Campaign but also the supporting digital re-marketing campaign. The result – The highest number of tickets sold to a single show in the Southern Hemisphere – EVER

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Blockbuster Performances


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Social Engagement

Influencer Marketing.

We invited 14 Influencers to the preview week of Pleasuredome and encouraged them to share their experience with their loyal followers. By reaching over 428.2K individuals based predominantly in Auckland we targeted a rich market of like minded individuals who genuinely wanted to be engaged with through the voices and organic content of people they trust and admire.

The goal of this campaign was to generate awareness of ‘Pleasuredome the Musical’ during preview week, enticing ticket sales. The majority of the content was posted through Snapchat and Instagram stories which is the latest combating ‘Advertisement Blindness’.

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Engagement Rate

“These guys are the greatest, like for reals. Their work simply smashed through all of our expectations. The team are incredibly helpful, strategic & passionate about what they do. There is no way any of my future creative projects won’t be maximising digital marketing, and Flight Digital, are the pick of the bunch.”

Charlie McDermott – Creative Director

How do you know if Influencer Marketing is right for your business? 

Measuring ROI is often the guiding light to determining influencer marketing effectiveness, establishing what success looks like from the get-go is a must. Talk to a team member about whether or not Influencer Marketing is the right thing for your brand. 

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