Influencer Marketing for Dummies

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Connecting through social media platforms is a more modernised approach to increasing levels of exposure and awareness with potential consumers. Influencer marketing is an emerging trend in the marketing world and businesses are noticing huge return when this strategy is applied.

Consumers are turning to online branding messages and relying on the opinion of influencers who have a large social following to make decisions around their purchases.

Social media is no longer a platform used by the younger generation and usage rates are seen to increase again in 2018.

The percentage of Kiwis using social media (Adhesion 2018):


Connecting with influencers who represent qualities of your business will automatically connect you with a large audience that will relate to your product and have potential purchase interest. This is the most efficient and effective way to connect with your target audience.

One of the best things about influencer marketing is that influencers already have a grounding of trust with their audience therefore any brand advertised through their platforms will be respected and considered worth trying. 92% of people trust recommendations from people over brands.

Influencer marketing can only be effective when it is seen to be authentic. Having the right influencers for your product or service that reflect key values of your business will determine this.

An example of authentic influencer marketing:

  • Having an All Black promote Tank

This is considered an authentic promotion due to it aligning with the All Blacks values and being a product they would consume. This would reach people who are potential advocates for healthier diets and lifestyle therefore targeting the right audience for Tank.

An example on non authentic influencer marketing:

  • Having an athlete promote Burger King

This is considered a non authentic promotion due to it not aligning with an athletes lifestyle perception of maintaining a healthy diet. This may result in followers no longer recognising this influencer as a credible source for recommendations reflecting negatively on their image.

When used correctly influencer marketing can be a game changer for your business. Here at Flight Digital we are able to connect you with relevant and respected influencers to boost your exposure and relevance in the market today.

For more information on how influencer marketing can work for your business and other services we offer check us out at Flight Digital

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Pleasuredome The Musical

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Pleasuredome The Musical

With 4 campaigns set to achieve; Engagement, Video Views, Link Clicks and Page Likes we were able to saturate the Auckland market with such a hype! Our first goal was to drive traffic to the site so we could build up our re-marketing list then simultaneously drive engagement and social growth with fun, fresh content. So not only was an individual followed around with Pleasuredome content but the content was absolutely buzzing and this created the FOMO factor! This generated earned media, their fans were starting to promote them themselves by sharing and tagging their friends and family.

“These guys are the greatest, like for reals. Their work simply smashed though all of our expectations. The team are incredibly helpful, strategic & passionate about what they do. There is no way any of my future creative projects won’t be maximising digital marketing, and flight digital, are the pick of the bunch.”

Charlie McDermott

Google Maps updates Android app with real-time traffic info, nearby places & bus schedules

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Google updated its Google Maps app for Android today, adding three new tabs that display real-time info on nearby places, traffic conditions and public transit schedules.

According to the announcement, swiping up from the bottom of the Google Maps home screen will display a Places tab, a Driving tab and a Transit tab.

The Places tab delivers a curated list of nearby restaurants, along with info on nearby ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores.



From the Driving tab, users can see nearby traffic conditions and real-time ETAs (if they have home and work addresses saved). Tapping on the “start driving” option will prompt real-time traffic info during route.


The Transit tab displays bus and train recommendations depending on a user’s saved home and traffic addresses, along with ETAs for arrival times. For buses and train schedules to alternative locations, users can swipe down to find nearby transit stations and schedules.


“Whether you need to get to work or you’re just looking for a quick bite around you, Google Maps gives you personalized information about your world so you can make decisions and get around with confidence,” writes Google Maps product manager Marcus Lowe.

The Importance of Best Practice SEO

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Did Google update their Penguin algorithm? Did Google block private blog network links? Something happened.

Google may have made some tweaks to their algorithms this week on how they target link spam and other forms of spam. Google would not confirm or deny there was an algorithm change, but based on the signals I am tracking, there appears to have been an algorithm update that has hit those who undergo more aggressive link building.

The update seems to have happened around February 1, 2017. It may have been a tweak to how Google Penguin detects and discounts spammy links, or it may be a totally new algorithm — we are unsure. But many of the folks within the “black hat” SEO community seem to be noticing this and complaining that their tactics are not working as well.

Some are saying that their PBNs, private blog networks, are not working as well. Some are saying Google is slower at picking up new links. Some think Google hit their sites with penalties.

The vast majority of the Google search results tracking tools, such as MozCast, Algoroo, RankRanger and many others, are showing significant turbulence around February 1.

This is all despite many of the more “white hat” SEO communities not really noticing or complaining about ranking changes in Google.

If we had to guess, I’d say this is an algorithm update around how Google discredits spammy links, maybe updating the Penguin algorithm or something else.

We should note that Google did launch an algorithm update specifically for Google Japan and Japanese content this morning, but that is unrelated to this link update.


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