For agents who are currently working with Flight Digital who would like to launch a new property’s digital marketing package. 


For agents new to Flight Digital who would like to launch a new property’s digital marketing package. 


For agents new to Flight Digital who are looking to build a community and earn new listings through digital marketing.


For Agencies new to Flight Digital who are looking to build a community and earn new listings through digital marketing.

Traditional Methods

Flyer Drops, Door knocking and Community Involvement are not working as well as they once did and the spillover cost of reaching uninterested people is unfathomable. As everyone is turning to online methods to find a suitable agent, potential leads are being won over by the perception of an agents messages.
Traditional Methods largely relied on growing your awareness slowly over time so that when it came time for someone to use your services you were the first person that came to mind.
Arguably, the best method of having qualified leads to come to you was to have the most signboards up in a single area – The only issue here being it took a long time for you to develop this presence.
…so let us remove the time and fast track your presence.

New-age Methods

New Age Marketing methods rely on the consumer qualifying themselves by telling you that they need your services then and there.  It is now possible to put your name in the face of a potential lead when someone searches for the top real estate agent in their area.
We are realistic and know people do research but we see this as a foot in the door – Instead of using an AdWords campaign to just get someone through to your website, why not hold onto this personal interest as they’ve already told you they’re interested in making a property decision.
Think of Remarketing as a funnel – Remarketing holds on to the IP address of the computer that has searched for your offering. As more people enter this list and we hold onto the interest of the past visitors, the community (number of people) who sees your messages increasingly grows.
The problem with modern marketing techniques is that people have often tried it without a strategy to back it up.
Who of you have tried Social Media Paid Promotions? Has anyone felt they may list a home by targeting an age, interest or geographic?
Social Media requires a sell – Think of it as a TV Commercial
How often do you see an ad on TV and the product you are being advertised is what you want there and then? These Ads are designed to leave a message in your mind for when you want that particular thing. In property, this can be every 3 years or never at all.
What if you were able to target that same Social Media budget to people who have only been through your page within the last 30 days? Would there be a different result?

Our Promise

No Locked-in Contracts
We see a big problem in the industry where businesses are being locked into contracts that do not allow them to leave for a minimum term. Digital marketing is a financial investment and if you aren’t getting out more than you are putting in, something needs to change. At Flight Digital the contracts are open-ended, we have your best interest at heart and work hard to nurture profitable long-term relationships.
Dynamic Budgets
As your business grows we will provide budget recommendations based on maximising your return on investment and reducing your cost per conversion. We are a phone call away if you want your daily budgets increased or decreased, if you have a lull period due to seasonal factors we will adjust accordingly to suit your businesses profitability and success.
Our Account Managers Are Digital Marketing Strategists 
Your account manager and point of contact is an expert in their field and able to answer all question regarding change and recommendations with competitive value, then able to implement these changes on the spot.
For Agencies and Agents, at the end of every month you will receive a report in your inbox on the performance of your campaign and recommendations moving forward. Besides these monthly updates we have an open door policy so you are free to pop in anytime!

Our Difference

We are a full-service digital marketing agency; We build websites, design engaging brand communications and implement multi-channel, digitally-led campaigns. We create and execute complete digital strategy, from research, concept, and planning, right through to content creation, launch and reporting. Executed and optimised with no hidden fees and full transparency.
Our goal is to create industry leaders, maximise disruption and raise the benchmark on innovation by delivering world-class campaigns to listening audiences. We take the time to understand your business, your goals and the industry you are operating in so we can drive real value and maximise ROI. Our team of specialists work in collaboration with you to solve existing business problem and identify new opportunities.
Our offering redefines the common set-and-forget strategy, always striving to push the boundaries and challenge the platforms to their upmost potential – this means staying up to date with digital trends, industry news and consumer online behaviour.
We blend a variety of platforms to build your brand personality, community and ultimately conversions. We promise to always be thinking ahead, challenging the norm and putting you in the forefront of consumers minds.

We've been recognised as one of the industries most disruptive up-and-comers.

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