Meet the team.

We’re a creative, collaborative team who are not afraid to ask the hard questions.
We believe the proof is in the pudding, measuring our success based on that of our clients.
Passion is what drives us and we believe that if you love your job you’ll never work another day in your life.



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Full-time Artist, part-time avid Brand Strategist/ Brand Consultant. Sam’s unique design talent paired with his in-depth knowledge and understanding of all that is brand, truly sets him apart from the rest. Sam’s Seekers portfolio is responsible for a plethora of successful everyday brands as well as a number of feature artworks in some of Auckland’s most prestigious homes. Knock Knock Best Awards, we’re wrapped to have Sam working as a part of our team.



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Leon’s expertise and experience in sales stems from a background of Real Estate. Now on the other side of the fence, Leon’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Real Estate marketing mix has helped him to set Flight Digital’s Real Estate Marketing above and beyond that of the competition. As Managing Director, Leon’s passion for networking and public speaking plays a fundamental role in the healthy, rapid growth of the company.

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Nick brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table as a success concierge for our clients. In the role of Senior Business Growth Manager, Nick recognises and maximises strategy led growth opportunity, responsible for building key partnerships.

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Victor’s ample industry experience across Promotions, Advertising and Digital Marketing came about as no coincidence. The concept of Flight Digital fills a void in the market which Victor spotted while at University, setting in motion a sequence of in-study job placements and entrepreneurial ventures, with a lead focus on learning a wealth of knowledge across Digital Marketing Strategy and Cross-Platform Integration. Fast-forward 3 years and Victor’s skillsets touch on every service Flight Digital offer. As Managing Director, Victor audits all strategy, website design and development while integrating internal software systems fundamental in servicing Flight Digital’s growth.

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Our latest addition to the team in Digital Advertising and Content Strategy AKA Account Management. We were lucky enough to reclaim Rose from working Agency side in the UK. Thanks to this, Rose has a vast knowledge across corporate marketing strategy including Linkedin, Facebook, Google and Email Marketing. She's passionate, focused and driven, her experience in the industry continues to strengthen our strategy while her personality contributes to moulding an overall positive team morale.



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Being the first employee of the company, Shehan's made an outstanding contribution to the growth of Flight Digital. Fluent in javascript, php, Lambda, mysql, jquery, node.js Shehan leads Back-end Development, Serverside Maintenance, On-page SEO and some Front End Design. Shehan has experience with Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Analytics and Advertising, re-marketing and conversion tracking. To put it plainly, he's an absolute wizard.



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Passion is what drives Christiana. As a Marketing and Content Strategist, she's not afraid to offer constructive criticism or push back on ideas in order to develop nothing short of the best for our clients. Her ability to think creatively and treat data scientifically allows her to critique content and strategy with evidence to support it. With a marketing background, experienced in Influencer Marketing, Social and Google Advertising, Christiana is an all-rounder. As an Account Manager, Christiana is hands-on at a client level from proposal and strategy, right through to implementation, reporting and recommendations.

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Becky's always on her feet! A digital native, always up-to-date with all social trends and topics, Becky enjoys good company and love exploring new challenges. Fresh from AUT University, Becky's bubbly personality, passion for Social Media and knowledge in Marketing and Management gives her a sought-after perspective, fundamental in forming and delivering innovative, modern digital marketing strategy. When she’s not busy with finding new ways to increase her Flybuys points, she’s working full-time as a Marketing Assistant within our Flight Digital team, working her way into Account Management.

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As you can probably tell, when Prince isn’t in the office or with family, he’s in the gym. With over 7 years in the industry including management of large-scale projects married with practical talent and experience in both Front and Back-end Web Development, Prince joining our team can be compared to that of a fairytale happy ending. Fluent in Javascript, HTML, experienced with Adobe suite and all CMS worth working with, Prince is an absolute asset to the team.

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Sam's passion for strategy and creativity in design, lead her to study Marketing, Advertising and Digital Fabrication through AUT. With interests in Photography and Videography as well as 3D printing and tech, Sam's drawn to innovation through creativity which reflects in her contributions within the team. Sam has joined us as a Marketing Assistant, bringing fresh knowledge and ideas to the table, her experience across Adobe Suite, and earned marketing knowledge allows her to implement strategy from idea to execution.

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A personable bloke who's enthusiasm is contagious. Sanjeev's role within the Flight Digital team is to provide current and potential clients with valuable Market Insights and Recommendations. A creative at heart, Sanjeev has an eye for photography and graphic design, this attention to detail compliments his ability to recognise the potential for a brand or business to benefit from partnering with Flight Digital. 

Our Eden Terrace family is ever expanding, we look for personality, not normality. We celebrate difference and create an environment that produces collective enthusiasm for creativity and celebrates innovation. If your goals align, we’d love to hear from you.