Step into our office.

A collaborative hub for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Our Eden Terrace office is currently made up of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and of course, our marketing and advertising agency. We’re a pretty cruisy bunch. Anything not in a container in the fridge is fair game, we do a comp. shop every week, covering all the essentials such as salmon and bagels, toast, spreads and all that. Our office boasts 4 meeting areas, a staff area, new kitchen, pool table, shower, toilet as well as a secret trap door to a 60 square meter basement. On-street parking is easy enough, with parks available at additional cost. We have music playing all day through the office ipad, we often order joint meals, beer on tap is included in your rent. What more could you ask for?

We’re looking for people to collaborate in our space, work together on clients,