6 DIY Steps to a 6 Figure Trades Startup


Tradies may get the ladies, but here’s how to get 6 figures with your own trades startup.

Thinking of starting or scaling a small trades business?

Follow these 6 simple steps, if you’re not turning 6 figures in the first year, you’re doing something seriously wrong. We’ve kept it super simple, it should take you about two hours to get it set up!

Step One:

Google My Business / Get on Google Maps, this will require an address, 25 minutes on a laptop and a 2 week wait for verification + 5 min to verify. 

Here’s how to get started here.

Step Two:

Basic SEO (list yourself on No cowboys, Heart of the city, Builders Crack, White pages) hit the buzzwords, the areas you service and the services you’re confident you can deliver on! Make sure you list a valid email address and phone number, show off your logo and include any photo’s which may support your case!

Learn more about SEO and basic starter steps here.

Step Three:

Basic Social Media Marketing – Create a Services Facebook page. Depending on the number of services you offer this could take between 20-40 minutes. Use your company logo as your profile picture, use a project photo or team photo as your cover photo. Include all the bells and whistles, phone numbers, a full description of all services as well as a brief section about your business, what’s your point of difference? 

Simple steps for setting up a Facebook page and what to include here.

Step Four:

Basic Content Marketing – Share completed projects and updates on your Facebook page, people will reference this! The more photos with descriptions the better, what you got up to on the construction site today, anything that shows your personality and the personality of your brand, you get extra points for before and after photos and Rose reckons shirtless photos are likely to increase post engagement. 

Step Five:

Get the word out – Use your personal contacts to get the word out through Facebook. Invite people to like your page through your page, share your page on your personal news feed, harass the group chat, make an Instagram post about it. Put your face on your page somewhere, once they see your mug on a well-structured Facebook page showcasing your well-written services and trades standard photography,  they’ll be into it.

Step Six:

Community pages – Once you’ve got yourself set up on social media, it’s time to get the word out to everyone in the areas you service, get your hustle on! Post in community groups you’re able to service every week and we know you’re going to get enquiries! Use a photo which showcases the service you’re offering, if you’re a plumber or a sparky, this can be tricky, get creative and make it work!

Have a copy and paste template with an image, spend 15min per week posting during peak times, 6.30pm will do it.

Aucklanders here are a few pages for you to post in:

Auckland buy/sell/swap

Buy/sell anything Auckland

Auckland buy/sell/trade

Find your regional community Facebook pages, these are the equivalent putting up a note on community boards at supermarkets. Believe it or not people still check those too.

Now that you’ve started making moves in the direction of your own trades start-up, you’re going to have a bunch of questions to follow.. when to get a website, how to scale your business from 6-7 figures, we’ll leave you with a few unrelated tips which we hope will plant a seed for future successes  in your trades business and keep you posted on the others. 

  • Use Xero.
  • If you’re tackling bigger projects, consider using Co-construct for transparency and material billing.
  • Save every photo from every job.
  • Update your voicemail to sound more business-ey.
  • Shout your workers’ beers every Friday.
  • Don’t be sold by a digital marketing agency over the phone.
  • Plan to have 15-20% of profits set aside for business growth through marketing and advertising, this may mean as you grow, you have to increase your rates.
  • Establish payment terms which work for your small business growth (eg. by adding 5% increase to unpaid invoices per month, you’re 95% more likely to get paid on time).
  • Be kind, professional and transparent, word of mouth is still the most valuable form of marketing.

Already have a trades business you're wanting to scale-up?

Written by Team · · 2018